Transfer from Vienna to Parndorf

Transfer Vienna - Outlet Parndorf

Tourists, arriving in Vienna and enjoying the architecture and atmosphere of the Austrian capital, seek to visit elsewhere. And often the purpose of such a trip is not only the sightseeing, but also shopping.

Vienna is famous for its beautiful and excellent shopping centers where you can buy branded items at lower prices than the  traditional boutiques. The outlet in Parndorf is among them.

That's why we arranged a transfer from Vienna to Parndorf Outlet for you.

Ordering transfer from Vienna to Parndorf Outlet, tourists go on a trip directly from their hotel. You can also pre-order a return transfer for a specific time.

The Parndorf outlets are 30 minutes away from Vienna. This place is striking in its scale. Any large city will envy its enormous parking; it's easy to get lost among the boutiques, and you can even spend more than one day in the outlet center.

Discover more than 100 brands of clothing and accessories - with constant discounts from 30 to 70%.